Smart glasses can generate electricity from solar energy

Although the power generated from the sunglasses called Solar Glasses is not too big, it is enough for a hearing aid, pedometer or mini speaker.

Researcher Daniel Bahro, a PhD student specializing in developing and optimizing solar cells, shares this with the site Digital Trends: “This solar powered glass demonstrates the ability to apply organic solar cells in smart wearable devices”.

The researchers applied photovoltaic technology to produce an organic battery that changes the color, transparency, and shape to match the design of the glasses. The energy absorbed from sunlight will be used to provide electronic circuits, including sensors, microprocessors, and two screens attached to the frame..

Solar Glasses has the ability to continuously record the ambient temperature, measure the intensity of the exposure to make the appropriate adjustments. The glass is quite light weight, only about 6 grams and 1.6mm thick. This weight is almost equivalent to a commercially available sunglasses.

Even in indoor lighting conditions, the glass can produce around 200mW (microwatt) of electricity. However, Solar Glasses can only operate at maximum capacity if exposed to sunlight.

The research team is focusing on improving the manufacturing techniques and equipment components in the most compact and effective way. Bahro is quite confident about the ability to commercialize the product in the near future.

In the near future, the technology promises to be applicable to the production of glass in many buildings, helping to bring green energy, while solving the problem of environmental pollution.

Refer to DigitalTrends