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Use solar electricity to protect the environment

According to the calculations of the scientists. VIETNAM has 1,780 hours of solar energy received to produce relatively high clean electricity.Why are we wasting this resourceCurrently in the current context, the current power source is running out Such as: Hydroelectric. Thermal. Coal power. Gas. Having difficulty in fuel supply. Nuclear is a difficult problem for […]

This plant-derived technology is considered by Bill Gates as the answer to the clean energy problem

Photosynthesis is a very important process of nucleation, which is responsible for providing life for not only plants, but all living things on earth – including our humans. When plants convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, they nourish themselves and release oxygen to the air to help us breathe. But if we “steal” nature’s […]

Smart glasses can generate electricity from solar energy

Although the power generated from the sunglasses called Solar Glasses is not too big, it is enough for a hearing aid, pedometer or mini speaker. Researcher Daniel Bahro, a PhD student specializing in developing and optimizing solar cells, shares this with the site Digital Trends: “This solar powered glass demonstrates the ability to apply organic […]

Aging solar panels will be a major environmental challenge for China in the future

According to estimates by experts in the energy industry, China will face extremely bad problems related to solar panels within the next two decades. Lu Fang, general secretary of the China Renewable Energy Association, said by 2034 the country’s aging energy panels will reach 70 gigawatts. This is 3 times the size of the Tam […]

Nam Long Group has cooperated with Eurener Vietnam in the grid-connected solar power project in Mizuki Urban Area

Speaking at the Commencement Ceremony, Ms. Pham Thi Hoang Phi – Director of Eurener Vietnam said: “Solar energy decades ago was only used in the space industry due to its high cost. Today with the continuous development of electric devices and the exhaustion of resources, due to the development of low-cost battery manufacturing technology. So, […]

The University of Hawaii is closer to the 100% renewable energy milestone, there will be an area in early 2019

Hawaii State University will be a learning paradise for any student who arrives: they have just announced that Maui University campus, one of the 10 campuses of Hawaii State University, will become the first university. The first American to use 100% solar energy. This energy is provided by the photovoltaic system located on the campus. […]